Power Plant Oil Cooler Study


Engineering Study to evaluate the extent for which potential oil-in-water contamination opportunities exist within the cooling water system and provide technical recommendations to mitigate this risk. This project involved creation of a composite cooling water system diagram for Units 1-3, and computerized hydraulic analysis to model biological fouling.


  • Perform field engineering to review Oil Cooler Locations, Installation Configurations and verify Information Provided on the field data spreadsheet, collect cooler technical data.
  • Determine alternatives to reduce the risk of oil-in-water contamination and maintain performance, 16 of 24 coolers listed by field data spreadsheet indicate problems, all alternatives must be per ASME code.
  • Determine costs associated with each alternative to reduce risks; Present findings to Owner.
  • Create Concept Layouts.
  • Provide detailed material and labor cost estimates to be used for project funding.
  • Incorporate Owner comments into final Report package; submit Final Report.


  • Composite Cooling Water System Diagram for Units 1, 2, and 3
  • Engineering Calculations, Recommendations, and Reports
  • AFT Hydraulic Computer Model showing pressure drop as a result of biological fouling.
  • Concept Design Drawings for System Modifications which would meet plant objectives.
  • Cost Estimate Data


  • Engineering Study 12/02 - 1/03
  • Final Report / Formal Presentation 2/03