90-ton Bridge Crane Canopy


Engineering Design project for a 90-ton Bridge Crane Canopy with a 60ft. bridge span.


  • Perform field engineering to review to verify dimensions and create a design layout with locations of existing building framing, access doorways, etc.
  • Determine structural design alternatives and present best solution to the client. (Due to the start / stop & side to side loads expected from a 90-ton crane, a truss type structure was selected.)
  • Perform a Structural Analysis on the concept structure to determine expected deflection & loading for each structural member.
  • Create a set of detailed foundation and structural drawings.
  • Create a set of detailed shop prints for fabrication of each structural element (59 sheets total).


  • Concept Design Layouts.
  • State of Texas PE Stamped structural drawings for the foundation and canopy structure.


  • Engineering Design Start 5/07
  • Foundations Poured 9/07
  • Steel Erection 3/08 - 6/08
  • Proof Test of Crane 7/08
  • Job Complete 8/08