Cooling Tower Replacement


Engineering design & construction coordination to replace Four Process Cooling Towers. This project involved creation of technical equipment specifications, vendor selection, structural steel design, piping design, construction supervision, system startup & balancing. After the equipment was installed a complete AFT hydraulic analysis was performed to verify flowrates & pressures throughout the system.

  • Researched original equipment technical specifications & determined attributes that must be improved for new equipment, wrote technical specifications, conducted pre-bid meetings.
  • Prepared project P&ID (Piping & Instrumentation Diagram) to illustrate all piping changes and modifications required to install this equipment. Participated with owners in equipment selection and pre-shipment inspections.
  • Created detailed structural, piping, & equipment installation drawings; conducted pre-bid meeting for all contractors. Provided on-site construction supervision & coordination.
  • Performed As-Built P&ID verification services, confirmed locations, line sizes, & tie-ins for all system valves & components, revised system documentation to reflect actual conditions.
  • Created detailed AFT Hydraulic Analysis Model to verify flowrates & pressures throughout the system. Ran numerous scenarios to study the system under varying operational situations.


  • Project P&ID, Technical Specifications for Cooling Tower Procurement, Structural Steel, Piping, & Electrical Drawings.
  • Scope-Of-Work documents for all Trades, Pre-bid meeting coordination, construction supervision.
  • Updated Piping & Instrumentation Diagrams (P&IDs). Hydraulic Analysis Results for Various operational modes.


Project Start 6/05, Equipment Installed 12/05, Hydraulic Analysis completed 2/06